About Moffat

Have you packed your bags to land in Moffat that is a beautiful town in Scotland? Once stepped on its land is sure to refresh yourself. This place has something for everyone to pamper themselves with a street walk for the healthy lifestyle, independent shops for shopping, bird watching, playing casino games, getting around the town, behold the greenery, etc.; whatever the reason to visit Moffat spoil for yourself, ensure that you are rejuvenated.

History of Moffat

Rachel Whiteford was the person who came across the spa waters in 1685, and since then Moffat has become a favourite tourist destination undeniably, whether to stay at night or to spend their holidays here. It is a fantastic place that came to be known with the best efforts of many B to B owners report and visitors who visited it regularly when on their way to Scotland!

One should undoubtedly spare some time to explore the beauty of Scotland which may lack scenic mountains or Highlands that add elegance to any place.

The visitors who are interested in art and architecture, Moffat Museum are a perfect place for anyone to capture the photographs of many fascinating art sculptures and to gather more information about Moffat's history. Visit their official website to keep updated about this fantastic place and the events happening to plan your next visit.

Present Day Moffat

Moffat today has the lot to show that's why it is unique and allows its visitors to park their vehicles in any corner of the town for free wherever they are visiting, either at the entrance of the city, amidst the double High Street and others. Don't miss to visit the flower baskets present at Station Park of the bridge.

To spend one's holiday's this place is perfect and to know the particulars of activities in the Community, their clubs, societies etc, one can avail Moffat What's On Guide that provides them full info of all happening events starting from March till December through printed copies that are available at any outlets of the town.

All the independent shops to business owners offer "service with a smile" which is lacking in most of the shops present in towns. Every month on second Sunday there is a Farmer's market organised in the Town Hall, it sells delicious food and craft-produced by artisans at craft stalls.

For further information regarding Moffat and its Community, visit the website of Moffat Online, which let you know what the latest Community activities of the town and Local cuisine to eat on every Thursday evening at Buccleuch Arms Hotel that provides organic food to eat are.